Thursday, May 1, 2014

Moving Mishaps

If you're moving half way across the country, learn from my mistakes.

1) Don't get overzealous with the packing! - or you will get to the first hotel and realize you packed all your brushes with the movers. Chewbaca hair.

2) Check your windshield wipers before you commit to driving through insane thunderstorms. - just because your car is less than a year old doesn't mean it doesn't need windshield wipers and rain-x. Lesson learned.

3) Don't drink a whole Snapple in Mississippi. - Because no one wants to stop in Mississippi and if you're my father you won't stop. Which means every mile seems that much longer.

4) Maybe don't pack the bags you need out of your car every night on the bottom. - Not that I did that (I did) because being tired and sleepy makes you really excited to pull everything out of the car to get the stuff you need (minus a brush because I like being Chewbaca)

5) Don't pack your kindle in the trunk. Because after 7 hours in the car, even candy crush and instagram can't save you.


  1. Yikes! Hopefully the rest of the move goes a bit smoother.

  2. AH! I hope it's going better or that you're at least there. We've moved across country twice now and I still find myself going "Why in the world did I pack that there?"